2020 Annual Meeting Election has Ended

Results will be presented at tonight’s 7 PM PDT Annual Meeting, and then posted to rchain/legaldocs
In the meantime, you can play with RVote using a dummy ballot here:
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Notice of Annual Meeting

Please complete your vote prior to midnight (PDT) 10/24, and then join us on Saturday, October 24th at 7pm (PDT) for RChain Cooperative’s 2020 online Annual Member Meeting, where we will review the vote results.

  1. Attend the Annual Meeting
  2. Register to Vote
  3. Vote Online (10/21 - 10/23)
  4. Candidate Statements
  5. Ballot

Attend the Annual Meeting


Join the Meeting Oct 24, 2020 7:00 PM PDT
A Zoom link has been posted on the member’s #agm-2020 Discord channel

Register to Vote

A “Notice of Annual Meeting” has been emailed to members with instructions on registering a REV address with the Co-op. Registration ends after midnight (PDT) on October 20.

If you don’t already have a REV Address, the extended RChain community has developed several wallets capable of generating REV addresses. They are not maintained by the Co-op.

Alternatively, you may create a REV Address from an ETH Address: REV addresses can be derived from any Ethereum address. This means that you can use your favorite ETH wallet to generate an address, and then convert that ETH address to a REV address using one of the tools above. Your Ethereum Private-Key will unlock both the ETH address as well as the REV address.

Vote Online

This year’s election utilizes the RChain Platform, RVote, and MetaMask. There will be no in-person or mail-in voting. The online election will go live on Wednesday October 21, and voting will stay open until midnight (PDT) on October 23.

Candidate Statements



Lucius Gregory (Greg) Meredith is a founder and currently the president of the RChain Cooperative. Greg is a mathematician, and the discoverer of the rho-calculus, a co-inventor of the LADL algorithm, and the inventor of the ToGL approach to graph theory.



I am Rao Bhamidipati. I have been involved with RChain since the 2018 Governance conference in Seattle. Starting in July 2019, I engaged deeply with Rchain in turning the project around, delivering the platform technology and several other strategic initiatives, including:

Prior to RChain, I had nearly thirty years of experience in the IT and management consulting field. In addition to nine years at Xerox in confidential level management positions with global business exposure, I also worked with many Fortune 100 companies in business and technology roles. I have experience with intrapreneurship in large companies as well as starting and leading startups from scratch.

I had multiple board experiences over the years, including as a Xerox appointee to the board of the Minority Business Development Corporation (Rochester, NY), with the Association for Image and Information Management (Ohio chapter), and the Healthcare Financial Management Association HFMA (Central Indiana chapter).

I have a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering, Masters in Business Administration (merit scholarship) and a Masters in Computer Science (with full fellowship). Additionally, I participated in industry training such as the Xerox Product Development Management program and kept uptodate with industry skills and certifications, such as passing the Certified Treasury Professional exam, getting certified with the Healthcare Financial Management Association etc.

I hope you will elect me to the Rchain board. With your support, I would like to bring my skills in technology, business strategy, finance and operations to stabilize Rchain and enhance our market position such that we are the best and most respected platform and organization in the blockchain/ digital ledger space and beyond.


My name is Camila Remaley, I have been a member of RChain since 2018, and I was born and raised in Chile. I am currently employed by New Venture Fund as the Operations Manager for TheDream.US, which is the nation’s largest college access and success program for immigrant youth. I completed my Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting, with a minor in Business Administration at Trinity W. University, graduating Magna Cum Laude. I continued my education at Fitchburg State University, where I received my Master’s degree with a concentration in Management. I am an experienced professional and I have worked at large financial firms as an accountant and as a financial associate providing counsel to clients, regarding securities and financial decisions. During that time, I got registered with the SEC and acquired the series 6 and 63. (SS)

I have over 10 years of experience, which includes banking, accounting, financial operations, and relationship management. I can provide RChain with the financial and operational experience that my career has given me. My diverse background and passion for innovative and ground-breaking ideas can offer a distinct perspective to the board.

I would like the opportunity to step forward and represent other women in a market highly dominated by men, by providing my skills and academic background as the first woman on the Board of Directors of RChain. My sole purpose as a board member would be to look out for the co-op’s (and members’) best interest, and like many other members, I want to be part of RChain’s success.



I’m Kane Luo, a specialist of sales and marketing with 10 years experience. I worked for an No.1 company in industry and led the regional business revenue to grow from $3 million to $75 million within 5 years. I’m founder of Eomvision, an AI technology company provides vision solutions for Internet of Things.

I knew Rchain since 2017 and kept tracking the progress what Rchain made. As of the technology achievement made recently, I believe it’s supposed to be the right timing for Rchain to stand out, get market and people to re-cognition the technologies, and the value Rchain offers. I’m a very strong believer on Rchain technology and great vision, in the meanwhile, I also believe we need enhance marketing now to let more people know more about Rchain.

With my successful sales and marketing experience, I will be firstly focusing on China market which potentially is the biggest market, and structurally rebuilding brand awareness including but not limited on AMAs/roadshows/meetups/medias/and so on. Based on Rchain’s unique technology advantages, we need differentiate ourselves from other public chains to have right marketing positioning.

I will also focus on business development. Making an analysis in current market to decide which vertical market could be entry point for Rchain, Gaming/DeFi/CDN/Music/NFT/or others? Once this is clear, create incentives in different ways to attract accordingly Dapp developers to build. Making the first excellent Dapp reference with wide users will be my top task.

I hope you will vote me to be board director to serve in Rchain Cooperative. I look forward to bringing such great technology to people. Thank you!


Deployed by Board Secretary to the blockchain as:

Additional Help

For additional help, check the recent blog.rchain.coop article and video, or reach out to Community members in the #rhoc2rev channel of the Co-op’s “Pub-RChain” Discord Guild.

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